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The Monster's Bargain

New Episodes release every Tuesday STARTING in January

The only difference between humans and monsters is the end of the world... Since the awakening, I'd survived by staying within the protections of my small village. But when the ravenous hoard arrives, their leader accepts an offer of sacrifice. My sacrifice. As I stand there staring up at the monster, there's a hint of something more. A part of me wants to know more, give myself to his darkness. Another knows he'll consume me until nothing remains. Zoey Indiana writing as Zella Payne

The Monster's Gift


The worst part of the apocalypse... falling in love with a zombie.


Don't look at me like that. He's not a rotting corpse stumbling around and muttering brains kind of zom. When the Awakening happened, we tried to fight it. Instead of saving our humanity, we lost it to something darker… demonic. From our desperation to live, we created a new type of zom... a more evolved, magickally powerful creature called a ghoul.


Except they've taken over. They consider themselves superior to humans. So why am I sitting here, watching the ghoul king's right hand monster with all kinds of inappropriate thoughts?


Humans and ghouls don't mix. It's illegal, but my heart… and other parts, don't seem to understand that.


I've watched Lev for years from my secret hiding spot. He's loyal, devoted, and everything I'm looking for in a man… but he's a monster who would never give me the time of day.


Until one day when a rogue zom decides to take a bite out of me, infecting me with the virus. I don't want to die like this. Forever tormented to kill humans I considered friends and family. Maybe it's the virus… or it's something else, but I collapsed at the ghoul king's feet. He will grant me my dying wish, but with conditions I never could have anticipated.


The Monster's Gift is a short, slow burn, monster romance. If you love devoted monsters, bossy humans, and mates for life, then you won't want to miss out on this.

Who's Zella Payne???

While I love the funny, quirky romances I have as Zoey, sometimes you just need to flirt with darkness and depravity. These stories are a bit more intense than what Zoey publishes by herself. Besides, if you look at trigger warnings as reasons to pick up a book, then Zella is right up your deep, dark alley.

  • Why did I decide to put these stories under a new name?

    • Because as Zoey, I will always include certain aspects into my stories, primarily very clear consent. Nothing dubious about it. Stories written as Zella Payne may blur those lines a bit. Trigger and content warnings are great, but they can be missed for various reasons.

  • So what can you expect with a Zella Payne story?​

    • Monster Fucking​

    • Monster Features

    • Clear or Dubious Consent

    • Darkness and Depravity

    • More explicit descriptions

    • Trigger warnings, lots of them.

  • How do you know if a story is a Zella story?​

    • All book covers will have both Zoey and Zella's name​

    • Serials will have Zella as the primary author.

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