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Totally Boxed

Released May 8th, 2021

Blindfolded speed dating for shifters, what could go wrong?

Determined to find their fated mates, a group of human women formed Mateless Mates. As the women do everything they can to find the shifter of their dreams, they try one last crazy idea. Speed dating.

But the shifter council doesn't approve. Will the woman find a way to keep the mates they searched for or will the council destroy everything?

Contains books 1-6:
1. Totally Spooked
2. Totally Basted
3. Totally Roasted
4. Totally Renewed
5. Totally Bumbled
6. Totally Lucky

Here's an excerpt:

I felt every muscle tense in her body as I held her close to my chest. "You're blindfolded, you can't see where anything is."

Then take it off. My beast begged, but I knew better than to say that out loud. It wasn't the only thing I wanted to take off either. My cock was rock hard from having her this close. Her scent was even stronger, and I couldn't wait to taste her sweet nectar. Every atom in my body wanted me to tell her she was my mate, instead I said, "you can be my eyes while I'll be your feet."

After a bit of direction, she guided us over to a loveseat on the other side of the room. I didn't want to let go of her yet, so I sat on the couch with her still in my arms. My grip loosened until she could easily move away from me, but she didn't budge.

"Earlier, you said I knew what you were, but that's not exactly true. I know you're a shifter, but not what your animal form is." She settled into my lap with her head resting on my shoulder. My fingers played in her long silky smooth hair that went halfway down her back.

I paused before answering her. Never in my life had I felt bad about my other half. My beast was part of me as he'd always been, but she had the chance to pick anyone here. Even if they weren't her fated mate, she could still pick them. Fated mates had a special bond that gave the couple a level of intimacy other mates could never have. It also came with a much higher level of fertility. That was enough for most males to keep hunting for the one, but not all.

"I'm a flying fox." There, I'd said it. Wishing I could see her facial expression, anxiety drove me to insanity.

"A… what?"

"It's a type of bat."

"Oh, like a vampire bat?"

"What? No. We're fruit bats." I'd known bats weren't the most common shifter animal, but didn't realize humans didn't know that much about them.

"So you don't suck blood?"

"Nope. The only thing I suck is sweet nectar out of flowers." She made a strangled noise, then shifted in my lap. Her hip brushed against my rock hard cock, and I barely held back the moan.

"So you're telling me I went on a blind date with a bat shifter, and it just so happens to be Halloween?"

"It appears so."

There was a long silence before she spoke again. "I uh, work as a late night radio DJ." From the way she blurted it out, I knew she'd had the same response I did. She wanted me, felt the draw of the mating bond calling to her. "What do you do for work?"

"I research and develop classified technology for the Army." Her scent lured me closer to her. Since she was no longer leaning against me, I inched closer. On instinct, I nuzzled her neck. I needed to mark her with my own scent so other males knew she was my mate. Her fingers trailed up my chest until they played in my beard. My lips left little butterfly kisses along her jaw. Just when I brushed her lips, the door opened.

My beast roared in anger. She hadn't claimed me yet, not in a way the lions would recognize. A deep rumble started in my chest. I couldn't lose her. Not after how Arric's death had almost destroyed me. Pain paralyzed me as images of his lifeless eyes flashed through my mind. I hadn't been able to save him.

"No!" I felt her spin in my lap until she was straddling my waist. My blindfold was ripped off before I could react to the lion entering the room. "I claim him as my mate!"

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