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Totally Frosted Now Available for Preorder

Gingerbread Man Shifter... whaaaaaaaaaat?

You asked, and so I put it up on preorder!

Coming to you on my birthday 11/30 Just in time for international cookie day

Need to deliver an order for shifter speed dating, what could go wrong? I've watched the years drag by, waiting for the day I can remove my curse. Forced into an unnatural form, my shifter beast screams for release. Then a friend calls with a request. His new dating service needs cookies, and I own every bakery in town. Fated mates aren't real, so his business must be a scam.

But the human woman owner of my latest acquisition protests my takeover of her bakery, I feel in my soul she's my fated mate. It's too late to change bakeries. I have to convince her to do me a favor... the man who just stole her livelihood.

My first mistake was stealing her bakery. The second was thinking I could tell her what to do. If she finds out about my curse, she'll laugh me right out of town. It's my darkest secret. If anyone finds out, I'm a dead shifter.

Totally Frosted is the eighth in a series of short, steamy, shifter holiday romances. If you love laughing, cursed heroes, and fated mates, then you won't want to miss out on this treat… Download Totally Frosted today to start your next delicious adventure!


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