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Harper's Awakening

Releasing as part of My Alien Lover

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Releases October 1, 2021

Gorgeous Aliens + Exotic Worlds = Hot Times!

Join eight USA Today and International bestselling authors as they spin their tales of hot aliens and the people who love them. Whether set in a faraway world, or taking place right here on earth, these eight action packed novellas are full of sci-fi, adventure and, of course, romance!

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Aliens of Xytarria: Harper's Awakening

On a planet where humans are a prized commodity, she’ll build a pod that fulfils her every desire.

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Harper's Awakening

     His pale pink brightened into a bold one. Something about my request made his mood worse… or better? I wasn't sure which. Then he grabbed the plate of food and set it on the table in front of me. With one hand, he shifted the chair I sat in until I faced him. His hand remained on the chair behind me while his other one braced on the table. I felt trapped, like prey that had been hunted and cornered. I waited for his voice to appear in my mind as he started the claiming, but he spoke out loud instead.

     "Rakta knows there's nothing more profound than offering a mate food, let alone sharing a favorite meal. To use that for the gift declares the most intimate of bonds." He leaned in until his lips were millimeters from mine. My heart raced at his closeness. The bond begged to be completed, to bind us together for all eternity. "But I refuse to claim you on anyone's terms but my own."

     My heart fell at his words, but it didn't stop me from reaching out, my fingers brushing his burning pink cheeks. He growled as his lips smashed against mine. Within seconds, his hands cupped my ass as he sat me on the table. His hips settled between my thighs as he pulled me against his chest. Leaving one arm wrapped around my back, the other cupped my cheek as he tilted my head further back.

     Something hard and thick pressed against my belly. Vorti's teeth nipped at my lips, demanding I give him access to more of me. The second my lips parted, his tongue explored my mouth. His hand slid to the back of my neck, holding me where he wanted me. A gasp escaped at the excitement of how he handled me. But it wasn't enough, I needed more of him. I wrapped my legs around his waist, locking my ankles together behind his back. With a new leverage, I rocked my hips, grinding against his hardness.

     "Kadro, Harper." Vorti growled against my lips. "You taste better than I'd dreamed. My imagination pales compared to how you feel in reality."

I didn't know what to say, but he didn't give me time to respond. His lips claimed mine as his hands slid over my belly. The moment he cupped my breasts through my shirt, he growled into my mouth. All too soon, his hands were on the move again. It was like he couldn't get enough of me. One buried in my hair while the other gripped my hip. He pulled my hair until my head tilted back, exposing my neck to him. It sent a rush of heat through me, until my pussy clenched. What would his hard cock feel like as he pounded into me? Vorti trailed kisses and soft nips with his teeth from behind my ear to my collarbone.

     My- A loud chime interrupted his voice in my mind.

     His gaze shot to mine as his eyes widened. "Daka!" He snarled it out as he released me and jumped across the room. Still dazed, I just sat there as he shouted. "What the hell do you want?" I felt the floor shake as he stomped in circles.

Before I could think of a response, the voice of Representative Torvi invaded the moment. "There have been some recent developments. I've fully restored your access. Come to the briefing room right away."

     Vorti glared at me as his skin returned to his deep brooding red. Then a bright light blinded me as he dematerialized out of the pod.

     I sat on the edge of the table, utterly confused about what happened. Time passed without awareness as I replayed the interaction in my mind. Vorti was most definitely attracted to me as much as I was to him. Maybe even more so based on the urgency of his touch. But on the whole, I'd failed. He'd left before he said the words… but he'd started to say them. Which was progress.

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