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Mated to the Enforcer

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Released January 31, 2022

Scout didn't fit in anywhere… until Maggie barged in his life.

Despite the picture perfect adoptive family that took me in as a young pup, I never felt I fit in with them. Then the day my birth wolf pack pounded on our door, demanding I return to them, didn't change a thing.

To them, I'm a nameless wolf in the pack meant to enforce their rules. I don't belong here… or anywhere.

Then Maggie barged into our pack's bar, and into my life. As my fated mate, she's the one female wolf legend deems my perfect soulmate. Except we can't stand each other. She insists my need to mate with her is wrong.

But I know she's hiding something. My Alpha declares that she's a risk to the entire pack. She can't be trusted. I don't care what any of them say. Maggie is my fated mate, and I'll eliminate anyone who threatens her.

Mated to the Enforcer is the first in a series of steamy, wolf pack shifter romances. If you love daring adventures, bearded heroes, and fated mates, then you won't want to miss out on this… preorder Mated to the Enforcer today!

Content Warning: 18+

This romance contains steamy consensual adult situations, fated mates, adult language, violence, flashback, PTSD, a couple too stubborn to just accept each other without a little conflict, fast burning instalove, and a guaranteed happily ever after with a dash of cliffhanger.

Mated to the Enforcer

Available Direct and through all major retailers.

Available Direct and through all major retailers.

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A wolf howl sent fear skittering down my spine. I didn't speak wolf, but intuitively knew they were onto me. Changing direction, I focused on the bar that I saw in the distance, knowing my car was on the other side. If I could get in, I'd be able to get myself out of this insane town.

More howls erupted from behind me.

A stitch formed in my side as I ran. The sharp pain made it harder to breathe, but I couldn't stop now. My car was closer now. If I could make it a bit further without the wolves catching me, I'd be able to escape this hallucination and spend the rest of my drugged state at home in my apartment.

The sight of a massive grey wolf lunging in front of me brought me to an abrupt stop. His teeth were bared in a loud snarl as he stalked me. I couldn't go back to the cabin, but I didn't want to end up as a nummy treat for Beowulf. The sound of more wolves approaching from behind me pushed me into making a decision.

I charged forward, hoping the beast didn't bite me. Oddly enough, he didn't react until I almost touched him, then he jumped back. Weird. I tried again, reaching for him this time. The wolf took a step back. Okay, so he was here to scare me, but wouldn't touch me. With a shaky courage, I trudged toward my car.

Until a familiar white wolf rushed up to me. I watched in a morbid fascination as his white fur disappeared under a familiar black leather jacket. Within seconds, Scout stomped toward me. I wouldn't back down. When I opened my mouth to tell him to fuck off, he leaned down and scooped me up, tossing me over his shoulder.

"You're not going anywhere until we talk."

Wallace Wolf Pack

Series Possible Trigger Warnings:


Abduction, Adoption, Adult Situations, Blood, Butt Stuff, Date Rape Drug(Mentioned) Death, Forced Execution, Kidnapping, Miscarriage(Past), Murder, Pack Mentality, Patricide, Profanity(LOTS), PTSD, Torture, Shitty Parents

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