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I'm adding to this as I have time. If you have questions that aren't answered here, please email me through my contact page and I'll try to reply to you as I can.

Resources for Authors

Recommended for Craft

First, I want to let you know, I'm not a plotter. I'm basically anything but a plotter. As a ghostwriter, I can plot with the best of them, but for my own books... I usually have 1-3 sentences of concept before I start wrangling characters. So raging pantser/intuitive writer.

So why am I recommending craft and plotting books? Because as I write scenes (or a few scenes because I'm also a procrastinator of epic levels), I'll plug what I've written into my special little plotting/pacing guide to make sure I haven't forgotten any plot points, romance beats, or messed up my pacing.
Romance the Beats by Gwen Hayes 
***Romance genre only
This book goes over the relationship arc between the hero and heroine, or adapted for any relation type. It can be used with traditional plot structures so you can show the plot arc, character arcs, and romance beats.
Take Off Your Pants by Libby Hawker 
This is a quicker guide on how to develop characters, flesh out your plot, and pacing. I combine this with Romancing the Beats for my general plot guide.
Write to Market by Chris Fox 
This book is for authors who want to write to reader expectations. It will teach you how to research the market for what ever genre and subgenre you'd like to write in, help you identify trending tropes, themes, and even covers.
The Heroine's Journey By Gail Carriger 
Ever notice how the heroine of a book, movie, etc. sometimes completely independent of the hero? They're there everywhere, and this book can help you identify and then create your own heroine's journey.
Plottr designed by Cameron Sutter & Ryan Zee
This amazing plotting program is available on Apple, Windows, Android, and  web based. The software comes with the most popular plotting templates with the option to create your own (like I do), and is versatile for any genre. Makes great series bibles too!
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