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The Fated Mates World

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Fated Mates, Steamy Romance, and Romance that will melt your heart.

Shifter Speed Dating Series

Totally Spooked JPG.jpg
Totally Basted JPG.jpg
Totally Bumbled LOGO JPG.jpg
Totally Frosted Ebook JPG.jpg
Totally Steeped Ebook JPG.jpg

Black Ops Bodyguard Shifters - BOBS

Marked by the Panther JPG.jpg
Marked by the Lion JPG.jpg
BOBS - C.jpg
BOBS - J.jpg
BOBS - T.jpg
BOBS - B.jpg

The Wallace Wolf Pack Series

Mated to the Enforcer Ebook JPG.jpg
Mated to the Healer Ebook JPG.jpg
Mated to the Second Ebook JPG.jpg
Mated to the Rogue Wolf Ebook JPG.jpg
Mated to the Alpha Ebook JPG.jpg

Rejected by Fate Series

Unmarked Mate Ebook PNG.png
Unclaimed Mate Ebook JPG.jpg
Untamed Mate.jpg
Unkissed Mate.jpg
Unloved Mate.jpg

Claimed by Avalon Series

Dark Sins of Avalon Ebook JPG.jpg
Merlin Ebook JPG.jpg
Lance Ebook JPG.jpg
Arthur Ebook JPG.jpg

Box Sets

Totally Boxed Ebook JPEG.jpg
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