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Content Warnings

To all the diverse individuals who walk through a less than perfect life and survive hard times, you are worthy. I appreciate all the hard work you’ve accomplished to be here and read my book. You are amazing, and don’t let anyone else tell you different.

While my characters are made up, they all have real world issues. The reason for this is a personal one. Some of us have gone through real trauma, whether we're still trying to understand it, in the thick of it, on our path to healing, or a survivor.

I write my books for us. To help heal... to start the conversation... to start the first step.

I dedicate my books to you.
Shifter Speed Dating
Totally Mated Ebook JPG.jpg
Totally Mated 
Trigger Warnings
Totally Spooked JPG.jpg
Totally Spooked 
Trigger Warnings
Totally Basted PNG.png
Totally Basted
Trigger Warnings
Totally Roasted
Trigger Warnings
Totally Renewed
Trigger Warnings
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