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Dark Sins of Avalon

Released December 07, 2021 

Dark Sins ofAvalon
Dark Sins of Avalon Ebook JPG.jpg

Every woman dreams of meeting the legendary men from Arthurian legend...


My best friend ghosted me after I flew 4,700 miles for a trip to Glastonbury, England, a vacation she insisted we needed. Determined to have fun for the first time in years, I decided one quick solo tour of St. Michael's Tower wouldn't hurt.


If that wasn't bad enough, an ancient witch shoved me through the barrier into Avalon, reigniting a 2,000 year war that erased Camelot from history.


Merlin, the charming and flirty wizard, made a mistake while casting a spell. Not only did he magically lock the door between our world and the mythical Avalon, but he's determined that I'm the only key.


Meanwhile, Sir Lancelot, my protective and loyal black cat, shifted into the deadliest man I've ever met, and insisted using my new found magic to save us is too dangerous. Especially since he has this crazy notion that I'm his fated mate.


And finally, Arthur… brooding and dangerous, insisted the only way to truly be safe was to destroy the threat against us. All the while, tempting me with his every command.


Except I'm tired of being the pawn, and the ancient witch bitch made a mistake when she tried to kill me. I won't stand by as they fight a war that might destroy everything I know. They awoke more than just a long, dormant powerful magic deep inside of me. Now I can't keep my distance, even though the danger should warn me away. When they touched me, I tempted fate. They unleashed a need in me, one that demands I make all three of them mine.


Merlin Ebook JPG.jpg
Releases May 12, 2022

I was certain Gwen was the one power tied to the fate of Avalon. But if we were to achieve unity, she had to love me as much as I was starting to love her. With my mind made up, I stood and took Gwen's hand. I guided her over to my bed and pulled my shirt off. Seducing Gwen was just the beginning...

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