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Celebrating Vengeance


Published March 30, 2020

This is a collection of the Vengeance Holiday Stories. The story line of all books takes place between Vengeance Unveiled and Vengeance Executed. 

Freya and Bash must survive a major attack on ARI, discover who the spy is in the Resistance, and so much more!

Masked Vengeance
On the night before the Resistance executes their plan to destroy ARI once and for all… The city is thrust into Martial Law.

Thanks to another Quirky Quinn's Guide, Bash scares up a plan for an All Hallow's Eve Masquerade.

Is the enemy lying in wait?

Will Freya convince them to unmask and give ARI a Trick-or-Treat the world will never forget?

Thanks for Vengeance
Determined to take a vacation, Freya goes into protection mode to ensure that ARI doesn't capture the man she loves.

Bash discovers another Quirky Quinn's Guide, but this time it provides the best reason for Freya to take a day off and celebrate Thanksgiving. 

But can they stay out of ARI's clutches?

Jingle Bell Vengeance
Being the only man on the planet that can procreate, Bash fights for his rank among the Resistance. As the most powerful weapon ever created, Freya struggles to balance her humanity as it clashes with her need for vengeance.

A quick scouting mission takes a turn for the worse when they are locked inside a doomed building. While investigating the historic events, Freya unknowingly transmits their location to the enemy. 

Time is running out for them to find the truth and escape before the enemy arrives. 

But there is more going on than it seems...

New Vengeance
After a trip into the future almost killed Freya, she is more determined to learn who the traitor is. Even if it means stepping back and letting someone else be in charge.

The files they need to save the Resistance and everyone they know are trapped on a hard drive they can't access. 

Only Bash has the skills needed to recover the data...

But the hacker is always one step ahead…

Cupid's Vengeance
Three impossible targets, two elite soldiers, one computer virus. How could a Valentine's dinner go so wrong?

Reeling from discovering she had a sister, Freya must find the identity of her accomplice. With her telepathic powers on the fritz, she has to interrogate her own flesh and blood.

Even with one captured, both spies are always one step ahead. Deflecting a series of recent attacks with his natural hacking ability, he must find a way to set the perfect trap and put an end to them once and for all. 

But the next attack is one they never considered…

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