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Bake Your Own Boyfriend Book Box

2022 Christmas

Thank you so much for participating in my last minute whim to throw together a Christmas book box. Between the last minute plans, the severe concussion, and my scheduled vacation, I'm still working on the short story. It's a lot of fun so far.

Want a clue about who stars in it? Seth, Rory's assistant from Totally Frosted, is the Hero of this little adventure.

As part of the download package, I have a few fun goodies plus 2 versions of the same recipe. One is NSFW, so if you have anyone you don't want to see that kind of thing, make sure you grab the SFW version for baking. I also have a plain and decorative version of both depending on which you prefer. Sorry if that is confusing.

Check back in a few days. I'll have the story and download ready for you!

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